Along these lines, a whole system away from analogous dating between your heavenly authorities and those things in the world was based

Along these lines, a whole system away from analogous dating between your heavenly authorities and those things in the world was based

Like the Sumerian-Babylonian astrology, and therefore tries to define the nice world-size incidents, plus personal persons, concerning this new divine buy of cosmos, the brand new Egyptian astrology tries to see it partnership above all out of this new therapeutic otherwise medicinal (heilkundlich) perspective. However in Egyptian astrology, wellness (Heil-Sein) will not simply imply recovery regarding private infirmities. The truly first thought try a comprehensive that. Each person is actually a beneficial microcosm where all divine powers of your own cosmos exist on the individuals organs and you will pieces of the body. If the these types of vitality come in equilibrium together, the individual would-be suit and you may are now living in balance into macrocosm in which the exact same divine purchase is present.

As the Alexander the nice conquers the orient and enormous elements of the fresh new Mediterranean region on last millennium BC and you will unites her or him into the you to definitely empire, an energetic social exchange occurs

One another currents from astrology, new Mesopotamian in addition to Egyptian, move together with her regarding the Hellenistic several months, are started of the almost every other religions and you can ideas, and get entry toward higher religions-into the Judaism and you may Christianity, and later Islam too.

Astrology, also, forges in the future unhindered from the Mesopotamian and you can Egyptian source so you can Greece and you can, later, after that westward. Even after variations away from Mesopotamian and you may Egyptian astrology, and you may certainly one of Hellenistic astrologers as well, discover however something that he has got fundamentally in common:

In this Hellenistic several months, astrology has coagulated on a predetermined world view

1. Astrology recognizes gods from the worlds, repaired stars, astrology signs, and you can many years whom share their usually through the corresponding ranking and you may constellations. The planet forms and thus the midst of the nation; brand new heavens making use of their superstar deities maneuver around the earth once the a close sphere. dos. Astrology takes on you to definitely its facts are confirmed by way of feel. That is founded from the comparative observation regarding existence in the world to the motions of your air.

Hellenistic astrology would like to come across individuals gratis en sus 30 sitios de citas, characteristics, and you may cosmos in a single full accord. Issue we inquire ourselves today, specifically how that it accord out-of celebrities, characteristics, and you may humans is simply supposed to work, was responded from the astrology compliment of the principle off example and empathy: predicated on which, the newest gods are not just bound to the fresh new beautiful regulators, as well as invisibly present in the complete cosmos. Hence, the latest jesus of the sunlight, just who offers you white and enthusiasm, is additionally present in all of us human beings. When we come across an individual who conveys a superb “warmheartedness,” “the sunlight” is at work with your. The human being cardio is probably the residence of your own sun. The current presence of brand new sun’s electricity was also recognized as during the flowers and you can gold and silver coins. Gold represents the latest excellence of sunlight and so the sun’s energy is at work with which steel. Inside the herbs that happen to be held having excessively solid data recovery vitality, sunlight are concurrently at work.

All the other planets and you will astrological signs was and seen as linked to certain peoples qualities and you will body organs, pet, vegetation, and you may metals. The program of analogies-tied on the exterior in order to stuff, equipped in with divine powers-is the reason the nation view of astrology doing today’s. For every style of procedure we come across is obtainable to the Hellenistic astrologers inside one animate, divine perspective. Plus during the progressive astrology, it is always highlighted that merely analogous affairs was described and you will not-as is tend to assumed-the latest lead has an effect on of stars.

Directly associated with so it empathy and you may analogy of the many cosmic energies is actually an astrological tradition that could most useful feel named astral-miracle (Astralmagie). We find they in various Greek papyrus scrolls concerned having wonders, in which only limited the means to access substantial calculations is made. More significant here are the brands of the person gods of the newest heavenly bodies, being used in a magical way – during the medicine as well .

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