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The quality assurance manager helps develop and safeguard quality standards. They assess items in-depth to confirm that they meet company requirements and compliance standards, Quality assurance vs. Quality control and that they have no defects. They also make sure products meet customer expectations and demand. Quality assurance aims to avoid defects in your products and services.

difference between quality assurance and quality control

Quality assurance is a part of your quality management plan. QA encompasses all of the activities within your plan that ensure your product is ready to go through the manufacturing process (or software development process if you’re creating software). In other words, you’re verifying that the quality requirements you planned for will be fulfilled as the products are made.

The Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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difference between quality assurance and quality control

The following are the major differences between quality assurance and quality control. User acceptance testing is the last step for the testing team to decide if the product is ready for production. This level focuses on system quality, content, UI and performance issues. The goal of QA in software development is to prevent defects while QC is responsible for detecting bugs. Verification would be a good example of QA’s goal and validation as an example of a QC goal.

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The quality assurance process is part of the organization’s overall quality management. In the QA stage, all activities involved in your quality management plan should verify that your product is ready to be approved and get through the manufacturing process. Quality Assurance consists of a series of activities carried out by the organization’s QMS in order to confirm the product meets quality standards. In short, QA is a pre-planned process that defines the product in its development stage and determines whether it meets the necessary requirements. Solid development practices — and even quality-forward practices such as test-driven development — can lead to fewer defects making it through to the QC stage, and even fewer reaching customers.

  • A strong QA and QC plan creates a motivated team that not only understands the policy objectives of the quality management plan but also actively participates in executing the plan.
  • The goal of QA is to establish a framework to minimize bugs from the beginning, and it even influences how programmers do their work.
  • A perfect QC process would ensure that defective products are always identified and never make it to a store shelf or into the hands of a customer.
  • An iterative process between QA and QC allows for continuous quality improvement.
  • When it comes to QC, there is normally a special team who puts a product on a test, search for defects, and get rid of them and so is fully responsible for the final product quality.
  • It involves data collection from the beginning to the end of activities.

Optiable is a company that helps law firms leverage technology in streamlining their workflow by creating a more organized structure for them. He had no option but to micromanage his employees because they lacked a systematic documented process. A situation where there is no adequate channel for communication will breed communication problems. QA and QC processes and procedures establish good channels for communication. Write processes that ensure the system is easy to install and maintain. Develop standards to check whether the software performs under specific conditions.

Costs of Not Using QA and QC

Everyone involved in a product life cycle has to follow SOPs for QA. The QA activities that the team has to follow are training, documenting, and reviewing across the workforce. A dedicated testing team is usually responsible for following quality control SOPs procedure. After fixes, the product is verified again such that the functionalities and features are working as required. QC process assures that that the product being developed is of the required quality. Examples of quality control activities include inspection, deliverable peer reviews and the software testing process.

difference between quality assurance and quality control

The truth is, these two terms are commonly confused and used interchangeably. However, there are some differences between the notions and we are here to help you figure them out. So, in this article, you will get acquainted with the head-to-head comparison of quality assurance vs quality control, learn the distinctions between them, and find the examples of each.

Quality Audit

Quality control is not concerned with the procedures used to make a product, but instead with the performance of the “end products” and the ultimate result. Hence, the primary objective of the quality control is to ensure that the products justify the consumer’s requirements and expectations. The team should prepare a test strategy that will cover all risks that may occur in the final product. Before QC starts it’s very important that the process prevents as many defects as possible. The main aim of testing and test automation is to find defects/bugs as soon as possible. A defect is raised by the tester for the failed scenarios and assigned to the developer.

difference between quality assurance and quality control

They create reports documenting errors and issues that need correcting. They make recommendations on how problems can and should be corrected to decrease the risk that the same problem happens again. Quality assurance and quality control are two concepts that fall under quality management.

Chapter 2: Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

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