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Abstract by Oleg ShcherbaOf course, there is not just one type of AWS Solution Architect. With over 150 solutions available, Architects have room to specialize and differentiate themselves from one another. This additional compensation is usually in the form of RSUs and bonuses.

After that, with persistence, patience, and focus, you can work your way up to higher certifications that will earn you an AWS solutions architect salary for managers. Outside of the US, countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, and India are great places for AWS solutions architects to work. Below is a series of tables showing AWS solutions architect salary for beginners, intermediary, manager, and late-career levels in the countries mentioned above. The average total income for a mid-career solutions architect with five to nine years of experience is $117,792. The average wage for someone with 10 to 19 years of experience is $130,519 per year. Employees get an average total remuneration of $137,822 in the final years of their career .

Solution architect earnings by seniority

Solutions Architect you will work as part of an agile development team, working on the deployment, customization, and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in.. Compensation data tools, salary structures, surveys and benchmarks. See user submitted job responsibilities for Solution Architect.

Solution Architect salary

A Solution Architect must understand the business infrastructure, processes, application architecture, work model, and operating system. Because understanding all these aspects will help solution architects to arrive at the right solution that can be integrated with the existing business constraints. Professionals in San Francisco, California, who have the job title solutions architect make 17.7%more than the national rate. These job roles also pay more than the national average in New York, New York (4.4%more) and Austin, Texas (4.4%more) (3.5% more). When the computer systems analyst develops the requirements, the solutions architect becomes involved in the project. Following that, they remain engaged throughout the remainder of the project.

Solution Architect, Mid

Enterprise Architects, in their turn, look at the bigger picture. They define an organization’s tech strategy and they make big decisions about the current tech ecosystem in a business. The salary of a typical AWS Solutions Architect may vary depending on where they work and their level of experience. However, the average salary, solutions architect vs product manager according to data collected by ZipRecruiter, is $151,424/year. Abstract by Oleg ShcherbaThe amount of experience required for an AWS Solutions Architect role will depend on the company. However, in many cases, job listings may look for candidates with several years of experience and a significant amount of technical expertise.

Solution Architect salary

In India, the National average salary for an AWS Solution Architect is around ₹ 7 -8 lakh. Role is in Austin for a solution architect and potentially L6. What will be the salary of a 6years experience for AWS solution architect.. Working Experience – Experience in the cloud field also matters. Professionals with more experience and expertise are paid higher compared to professionals with less experience. Here is the catch keep working on your skills and grow your expertise to achieve the heights.

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It is possible to launch the solution within a specific timetable and budget with the assistance of a solutions architect. They also ensure that the solution correctly corresponds with the company’s requirements. With so much variation in your day, you will need to be a master of time management.

Solution Architect salary

The role of AWS Solutions Architect is to bridge the gap between some pressing business problems and its technology solution. As the role’s name suggests, the tech solutions they are responsible for building are limited to that of the AWS Suite, which includes over 150 tech solutions. I’d like to hear about recruitment insights and job openings.


As a result, they should be prepared to express their opinions and convey their concepts to various stakeholders. If you want to work as an AWS solutions architect, you must have excellent interpersonal skills that help you to engage with all stakeholders and have your voice heard effectively. The ability to interact with leaders, managers and employees at all levels of the business is essential for solutions architects. Working as a product team member, you may also be expected to collaborate with customers to discover their goals and desires. An architect who works with clients must understand the customer experience and create reasonable expectations for the end product. Airbnb has the highest average salary for solutions architects.

  • The average wage for someone with 10 to 19 years of experience is $130,519 per year.
  • When you’ve developed so many systems that you can not only orchestrate the best solution for any..
  • Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.
  • Manages activities that take place during solution ideation, solution design, and solution..
  • These certificates can also result in individuals being promoted to higher-paying positions that have more responsibilities.
  • Well, we’ve written this comprehensive guide that’ll cover everything you need to know about the compensation and salaries of AWS Solutions Architects.

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Which Companies Pay Solutions Architects The Most?

Also, be sure to watch the simulation of a tech salary negotiation above to see some of these tips in practice. Of course, the cost of living is different everywhere you go. As a result, some companies in specific locations will be forced to pay AWS Solutions Architects more than others. Beyond this, if the Solutions Architect is promoted further, it’ll be into upper management or executive level positions. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the potential salary and compensation. Well, we’ve written this comprehensive guide that’ll cover everything you need to know about the compensation and salaries of AWS Solutions Architects.

Solution Architect salary

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